Thinking inside the box.

You've probably heard that we should be thinking outside the box. But for success in early literacy and mathematics, discover why we should be thinking inside the box.


Every Child's Path uses mats to provide innovative and practical ideas that teachers can use daily to show children how to interpret spatial and directional information quickly and effectively.


Every Child's Path is the result of a five-year research project that started by identifying common difficulties children were experiencing in mathematics and literacy in the early years.


Feedback from teachers shows how excited they are by the significant difference in children's performance in literacy and math. Both teachers and children have responded with enthusiasm to this active program.

Every Child's Path working for literacy in Ghana

Anne’s most recent experience relates to Ghana, Africa where, as part of the organization Our Children Africa, she has trained many teachers in this program. She has been working closely with the primary co-ordinator of the Acropong District to bring Every Child’s Path to all the schools in her area and they are currently finding ways to bring it to the rest of the country.

Anne Kinch