Program Preview

The detailed "script" found in Every Child's Path enables teachers to use this program on many levels. Every Child's Path gives children the confidence and strategies to problem solve in both literacy and math. [download the overview of Every Child's Path].

To get full benefit from this program, allow at least 3 or 4 months using the detailed lesson plans provided, as a core program daily. [You won’t need separate formal math, reading and writing lessons during this time.] Teachers who have followed the program for that time period  found that teaching all subjects became much easier and enjoyable. [See Teacher Feedback.] These teachers also concentrated on alphabet sounds more than letter names during this time.

These lessons take approximately twenty minutes to cover, as prescribed by Ontario Ministry guidelines for mathematics and the format is based in learning theory, leading children to a more thorough understanding of each concept. The same strategies are repeated in all lessons and units.

Lessons Include:

Questioning to keep minds active while promoting critical and analytical thinking; it also draws the children's attention to necessary information

Noticing interesting features of things seen in the box: similarities, differences, details and using language to describe their noticing

Using what the children know to help them understand what they don't know

Linking a concept to other parts of the math program, literacy program, other subject areas and to the world

Automaticity [speed] in demonstrating understanding of a concept

Wide range of tasks and materials

Here is a lesson sample "Structure of a 2D Box ". It is also available as a .pdf download by clicking here.


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